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Get ready for spring

The days are finally getting longer, the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds more often, and the sound of birds happily chirruping is starting to tempt us outdoors. Spring is here! It’s been a long time coming after the long, gloomy winter, so now’s the time to head outdoors and rejuvenate gardens and balconies.

After putting in new plants and sowing seeds, the anticipation mounts as the first buds are eagerly awaited. To keep track of exactly what’s growing where, edding has the perfect markers for writing on plant labels, along with many other products that can cope with marking and decorating outdoors on all kinds of surfaces such as stone, wood, metal and terracotta.

Designing with matt paint markers

edding matt paint markers are a great choice for giving toolboxes and planters a new look. The addition of a suitable motif or motto to an old wooden crate can instantly transform it into a really eye-catching container for storing small garden tools. The ink in the matt paint markers provides excellent coverage, making it particularly suitable for all rough surfaces, including terracotta and wood, and it leaves behind a fabulous, semi-matt sheen which looks lovely on plant containers and storage boxes.

A new look for plant pots using acrylic spray paint

The edding permanent spray range is brilliant for decorating plant pots and giving them a radiant spring look from the word go. By combining the vibrant colours in the spray range, garden furniture and decorative accessories can be transformed into trendy spring-themed highlights. There is a choice of over 30 standard colours and trendy shades suitable for virtually all surfaces ranging from wood, metal, terracotta and plastic through to wickerwork. There is also a selection of primers and clear lacquer. The acrylic pigment paint provides excellent coverage, dries extremely quickly, is weatherproof and extremely lightfast.

Weatherproof marking with the outdoor marker

To prevent mix-ups when sowing seeds, edding recommends its weatherproof outdoor marker for writing on plant labels and plant pots. The edding 8055 outdoor marker really loves being outside: its ink (black or white) adheres perfectly and permanently to any outdoor items that need labelling, whether in the garden or on a balcony - a rake, for example, or a letter box, a wheelie bin, kids’ sandpit toys or plant labels for the vegetable plot. As well as being completely waterproof and weatherproof, the ink adheres to both smooth and porous surfaces. What’s more, because it is highly opaque, it even works well on very dark surfaces.

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