We are committed to delivering high-quality products that you can count on for schools, universities or other educational institutes. So whether it’s interactive and inspirational teaching - with the help of whiteboards, glass surfaces or flipcharts edding offers a wide range of markers to meet all needs. And beyond that, edding also has a versatile creative assortment to support every art project.  

Inspiring students like never before

The wide and colourful edding creative range for multiple areas of application encourages creativity in teachers and learners alike. From winter to spring, on dark or light surfaces – there are no limits with the edding creative assortment. This makes teaching and learning fun again and opens up new opportunities for everyone:  inspiring students like never before.

Bringing lessons to life

The wide edding range of high-quality, durable products encourages professionalism and creativity in teachers and learners alike. This makes teaching and learning fun and opens up new opportunities for everyone: bringing lessons to life.

Teaching ideas that will grow

The careful use of natural resources has always been part of edding’s corporate philosophy. Resource conservation and energy efficiency are goals that we pursue both in the development, production and distribution of our products and in the design of our working environment. 

The power of images

Why a picture on e.g. whiteboards, flipcharts or glass surfaces represents the best way to convey complex information easily.

Permanent markers

Permanent and non-permanent pens

Whiteboard and glassboard markers

Fineliners, fibrepens and gel rollers

Flipchart markers


Correctors and cutters

Special solutions

Acrylic range

Chalk markers

Textile markers and pens

Porcelain brush pens