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Flower arrangements

Decorative flower arrangements – decorate flower vases and decorative balls with edding calligraphy markers. 

Discover the art of calligraphy with the edding calligraphy pen or marker and turn flower vases and decorative balls into unique, decorative accessories for your home with these unique fibrepens! Together with decorative balls, originally designed vases look just as stunning on a wedding table as they do on a gift table or windowsill. For the vases, use  terracotta pots that have been primed with a paint colour that coordinates with the colours of the edding calligraphy pens or markers. Not only do these calligraphed vases and decorative balls look wonderful in your own home, they also make an ideal personalised gift. 

To decorate your flower vases and decorative balls you will need: 



Here’s how to decorate your vases and balls using an edding calligraphy pen or marker: 
  • Prime vases and accompanying decorations with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. If necessary, apply a second coat if the base colour is still visible.
  • Now you are ready to start writing. To help you, we have prepared a sample alphabet for you. For rough surfaces such as terracotta,  we particularly recommend our edding calligraphy marker, as it is particularly suitable for rough surfaces. Its flexible and extremely soft calligraphy tip with its dynamic line thickness will help you create lettering that packs a punch.


Tip: If you want to learn the basics of calligraphy, then take part in our online “Calligraphy Training” with graphic designer and calligraphy expert Birgit Nass.


Flower arrangements

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