Flower arrangements

Decorative flower arrangements with edding calligraphy markers

Discover the art of calligraphy with the edding calligraphy pen or marker and turn flower vases and decorative balls into one-of-a kind, attractive accessories for your home with these unique fibre pens! Arranged together with the decorative spheres, these original vases would look just as stunning on a wedding table or gift table as on your windowsill. For the vases, use terracotta containers primed with a paint colour that coordinates with the colours of the edding calligraphy pens or markers. With their beautiful calligraphic designs, not only would these vases and spheres look fabulous as a terracotta decoration in your own home, they would also make an ideal personalised gift. 

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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Decorative vases made from terracotta
  • Decorative balls (or any other shape), e.g. made from terracotta
  • Good quality acrylic paint in a colour that coordinates with the edding calligraphy marker or pen selected

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