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Beautiful spooky Halloween decorations

Beautiful spooky Halloween decorations

Haunted house window picture

Along with pumpkin displays, ghostly ghouls and spiders’ webs, this haunted house window decoration is a must for your home at Halloween. You could put it on your front door, for example, and get your visitors in the mood for some scary fun as soon as they arrive. Or put it on the windows of your kids’ bedrooms – they’ll love having this fantastic picture which they can add to by drawing little bats and ghosts for extra excitement. edding chalk markers are ideal for making really effective Halloween decorations; filled with liquid chalk, they are specially designed for writing and drawing on glass and smooth chalkboards. There are two different stroke widths and nine opaque colours to choose from – and you can wipe off your artistic creation with total ease afterwards using a damp cloth.

To design your window decoration, you will need

So simple to do

  • Before you start, here’s how to activate your edding chalk marker: Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on. Place the nib on some scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib. Start by writing a few test strokes on the scrap paper. And don’t forget to always replace the cap securely after use.
  • Using the edding 1200 fibre pen. First sketch out the motif on paper. Alternatively, print out a suitable motif and copy it to the right size.
  • Fix the template to the back of the window with sticky tape, so the motif shows through.
  • Now take the chalk marker and draw over the outline of the design and colour it in.
  • The thicker edding 4090 chalk marker (stroke width 4-15 mm) is particularly good for colouring in larger areas.
  • Finish off the haunted house by adding little bats and other Halloween-related figures.
  • Drawings can be removed from the windows with total ease and corrections made quickly and simply using a damp cloth.

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