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We’ve all been there: bits and bobs pile up in drawers, cupboards or on the table – but they don’t actually belong there. Although it’s a shame to throw them away, there will come a point when there’s simply too much and it will be time for a big clear-out. But where will you put all those mini treasures and keepsakes? Storage boxes and mini drawers are a really practical solution for smaller items such as postcards, hairbands, shoelaces, pens or mementos. Thanks to the permanent markers from edding, you can label the boxes with suitable inscriptions – and not just on cardboard, but also on metal, glass, plastic and a host of other materials besides. There are up to 20 colours and a wide range of stroke widths to choose from.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Tins or other containers
  • Mini drawers made of cardboard
  • Template

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