Still in shock, edding condemns the escalating war against the people of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. In addition to the many initiatives undertaken by our employees on their own responsibility, the edding Group is making a contribution to relieve the suffering of the Ukrainian people with two central activities and is supporting all those who are providing aid and engage to end this terrible war. Private individuals, companies and institutions can participate symbolically and monetarily in these two activities by obtaining and using the Peace Marker and contribute to the Wall of Peace. 

Peace Marker

The e-800 Peace Marker is not just a symbolic tool for peace: edding issued 30,000 Peace Marker, regardless of sales, 5€ per marker, thus the sum of EUR 150,000 will immediately be donated to these three aid organizations, which we believe to have direct positive impact on Ukrainians suffering:

All edding subsidiaries in Europe provide contingents of free Peace Markers for distribution to peace and protest initiatives, aid organizations and other NGOs. Please reach out to a local office or write us:

Wall of Peace

edding is convinced that there is no better time than now to speak up publicly against this terrible war. Therefore, we set up the Wall of Peace which functions as a global digital message board for anyone to draw, write and share how they feel about the crisis in Ukraine. We want to connect and unite people from all over the world and empower them to express their contempt for this war. Although we know that this platform depicts only one small puzzle piece of resistance, we strongly believe in the power of freedom of speech and self-expression to fight for peace. 

Note: We do not create commercial returns via these special actions or products, so - except for shipping fees from our partners - every cent earned by this product will be donated to the mentioned aid organizations.