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Creativeworld 2018: Inspired by nature - New trend colours for decoration in the home and garden

With hues inspired by nature currently all the rage, an array of different shades of green combined with bright, natural, feel-good colours can create the perfect look. Vibrant Amber, the latest natural shade in the range, goes brilliantly with vivid Moss Green and delicate Mild Mint. Thanks to new trend colours, DIY fans will soon be able to embrace this beautiful, nature-inspired trend when redecorating their homes and gardens by using edding Permanent Sprays to make a statement.

Rounded off with the metallic shade of Rose Gold, this colour combination lends a hint of sophistication to any décor, creating a modern style. A new promotional display unit featuring the four trend colours is designed to boost sales by encouraging impulse purchases in-store. 

Symbolising hope and a zest for life, the selected edding Permanent Spray shades complement each other perfectly and can be combined in various ways. Amber is said to have a calming effect and feels warm and sensual. As a result, splashes of vibrant amber in the home will create a positive, harmonious ambience. The darker Moss Green contrasts beautifully with Vibrant Amber. Rose Gold, another shade which is currently very popular, is much in demand not only when it comes to home decor, but also for jewellery and in the world of technology. The light metallic shade fits perfectly with many modern styles, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Acrylic spray paint for indoors and out

Just as you would expect from the edding brand, the Permanent Spray - available in over 30 shades – is an impressive product. With especially high opacity, it offers a long-lasting finish on décor in the home and garden. Depending on the shade, the conveniently sized 200 ml can offers twice as much coverage as a traditional spray paint. The range is rounded out with a variety of primers, two Clear Lacquer Sprays for sealing and finishing, and a Sprayhead Set containing four different sprayheads.

Presentation at the POS

The natural shades in the edding Permanent Spray range will be presented in an eye-catching in-store display unit. The display will contain six spray cans in each of the four shades: Moss Green, Mild Mint, Vibrant Amber and Rose Gold. The crowner features attractive ideas for using the sprays and will help inspire customers to make impulse purchases. A suitable shelf tray will also be available for the existing edding PoS Shop. The launch of the new range is planned for the third quarter of 2018.

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