September bullet journal: monthly overview

The entire month at a glance

A bujo monthly spread helps you keep an eye on a whole month at a glance – so you’ll never forget an important appointment again! Apart from dividing the pages up into 30 boxes for each day of the month, the most important bit of all (and the most fun part) is the decoration. So make sure you leave plenty of space all the way around the planner to enable you to add lots of end-of-summer motifs. The sketches are coloured in using edding 1200 colour pens (many of you will remember these from your schooldays!). This ever-popular fibre pen is presented in a range of different sets, including attractive, high-quality metal boxes. The fine tip allows you to add perfect detail to intricate motifs such as delicate leaves and floral vines.

Bullet Journals
Fibre and felt pens
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Bullet journal or blank notebook
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

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