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Bathroom wall

Bathroom designs

Do you need some creative inspiration for the walls in your bathroom? Then look no further than this creative and original design. Let your imagination flow with edding calligraphy markers

Bathroom designs that will amaze your visitors. You can create them yourself – with edding markers.



To create this personalised wall decoration, first prime the wall area. We recommend you use stripes in a colour that matches the colour you plan to use for the text. Do not use crepe to mask the coloured areas, as the paint can easily seep underneath. 

We recommend that you draw a line with a pencil and go along it neatly with the paintbrush. The coloured areas should be completely dry before you start writing.

You can write the wording, such as a poem or a greeting, on a piece of paper first, take a photo of it with your digital camera or smartphone and then project the picture onto the wall using a projector if you have one. Alternatively, use tracing paper and place it under the template directly on the wall and trace the letters with a pencil.

Finally: Go over the letters on the wall with an edding calligraphy marker. It will look particularly attractive if the letters extend beyond the frame. This edding marker features a flexible calligraphy nib, with which beautiful effects can be achieved. If you are interested in calligraphy, we recommend our Calligraphy Training. Here, you will find several calligraphy exercises to help improve your skills. 


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