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Heralds of spring

Bring a sense of spring to your home with edding calligraphy and gloss paint markers.

It is the same for us all; as soon as spring is on its way, you feel a desire to bring new colours and flowers into the house. It is the season that encourages creativity. Give old glass bottles a new look by designing a new wrap-around sleeve and you have the perfect vase for single flowers or even a miniature bouquet. Try it out - with our easy to follow guide and the edding markers it’s easy.


You will need (materials, tools):
  • Glass bottles or tins boxes. 
  • Acrylic paint for priming in your favourite spring colours – these should be light to reflect the season, while pastel tones are very popular.
  • Paper envelopes.
  • For the primed containers: the edding 755 calligraphy paint marker or edding 751 paint marker, available in up to 14 colours which offer great coverage. With these, you can welcome spring into your home with lovely, colourful patterns. We have used the colours white, gold and silver on the bottles in our photo.
  • For the bottles with paper sleeves: the edding 1200 color pen is available in 24 colours, all of which can be used to create beautiful designs on light coloured paper.

Step-by-step instructions:
  • Prime your selected objects with acrylic paint and allow them to dry.
  • Sketch the decorative patterns lightly onto the acrylic paint with pencil, or simply draw them freehand. Let your own spring creativity take over, or use one of our templates
  • Go over everything with the edding paint markers. You can also use our online Calligraphy Trainer to perfect your skills. Remember; practice makes perfect! 
  • For the paper sleeve, decorate before sticking it to the bottle. This will make things much easier! Again, we have templates available for this if you like!


Activating edding paint markers 

Shake, pump, draw: The edding matt paint markers use a simple valve system. To activate your paint marker simply shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. Next, pump the pen’s nib carefully up and down on a piece of scrap paper until ink runs into the nib. Try a few practice strokes with the marker on the scrap paper. Don’t forget to always put the cap on again firmly after use.


Heralds of spring

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