Lion portrait

Get painting – wherever, whenever and however you like!

For anyone who fancies having a go at painting with acrylics, edding offers a wide range of acrylic markers in a variety of nib widths – making the rigmarole of paintbrushes and paint pots a thing of the past.  Impressive works of art are now possible, especially on canvas and paper. And you don’t even have to feel confined to your desk at home, because these handy acrylic markers have the added bonus that they're easy to take with you, wherever you  go. So grab your canvas and a selection of acrylic markers in your chosen colours and head off for a spot of painting, be it in a café, at the zoo or in the park. How about this fantastic lion's head, for example? With our step-by-step instructions you, too, can recreate this impressive work of art on canvas. Have fun!

How to paint with acrylics
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