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Marking for the Industry 4.0 era

edding Tech Solutions GmbH and Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH have announced the launch of the edding in-line 12 and the edding portable 12: their new series of compact printers designed for the Industry 4.0 era.


edding compact printers are the first products developed by this partnership of two family-businesses, both leaders in their respective fields. edding’s ink expertise and Elried’s industrial marking know-how have been combined to create innovative solutions revolutionising industrial marking.

Compact and versatile

The thinking behind their design was to develop next-generation printers offering users unbeatable reliability; simple, intuitive handling; and the ability to seamlessly integrate into any Industry 4.0 setting. The printers are also truly versatile as all that innovative functionality is housed in an extremely compact unit. Bulky, expensive to maintain, error-prone marking systems are a thing of the past.

Hannes Behacker, managing director of edding Tech Solutions, says: “edding compact printers are the ideal solution for a wide and diverse range of environments: from the food and beverage industry, to logistics, transport and the automotive and industrial sectors. They fit easily into any existing network, no matter how complex. The edding in-line 12 and portable 12 deliver unprecedented connectivity for printers in their class; able to communicate easily with all upstream and downstream machines.”

Thanks to edding’s ink expertise, it is possible to print on almost any surface whether that is absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood or smoother materials including plastic, metal and glass. That includes specialist inks for use in food production and UV-readable inks.

Users also have the peace of mind of knowing that with edding compact printers, marking is error-free. They are guided through the printing process via the display on the integrated touchscreen, web browser or smartphone to ensure that the correct information is printed on the correct product. The intuitive handling and clear user guides also mean that no technical knowledge is required to get the printer installed and operational in just a few minutes.

The edding in-line 12 houses all that innovation in a compact unit that integrates easily into any production line, and typically at considerably lower cost than the complex Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) systems.

The edding in-line 12 – a smart solution

The edding in-line 12 represents the next generation of industrial compact printers – able to integrate easily into any new and existing production setting, including Industry 4.0 smart factories. The system comes as a complete package, with all the accessories needed to get printing straight away.

The printer is considerably cheaper than most Continuous InkJet (CIJ) systems, and also requires far less cleaning and maintenance, so users keep production downtime to a minimum and also achieve true cost per print. The in-line 12 couldn’t be easier to use. Print information can be changed simply and quickly on the built-in touchscreen or via a web browser or even ordinary smartphone.

The edding portable 12 - mobile innovation

The edding portable 12 offers the same advanced functionality as the in-line 12 but cleverly adapted for mobile printing.  Like the in-line 12, it can print 600 dpi high-resolution texts, barcodes and graphics on almost any material. The cartridge system enables users to change colours within seconds, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Mobility comes from the addition of a positioning laser, a best-in-class 4Ah battery and robust, all-in-one Tanos transport case means users can achieve the same high-quality print results far from the production line, whether that’s in the middle of a building site or in a draughty warehouse. The Metabo battery also enables users to print non-stop for up to six hours. The portable 12’s innovative communication technology makes it possible to detect the coding data from any data source within the Company, or users can simply use a barcode scanner to generate the print text.

In high demand

Industry has a significant, growing requirement for labelling and marking as part of the production process. New legislation and a rising demand for product traceability meant that requirement for high quality marking solutions is only going to grow. In fact, such is the demand for an innovative, reliable and easy to use industrial printer that the first edding compact printers were shipped to a company in the food industry before they had been launched on to the market.

Bastian Hofberger, Managing Director of Elried, is excited about what the future holds for the edding compact printer series: “With our compact printers we are bringing to market the first industrial marking solution able to meet the requirements of the Industry 4.0 era. I believe we have reached new heights both in terms of communication ability and intuitive handling. And, they are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany using only the highest quality components. What more could you want?”


  • Compact
  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Unique communication capabilities
  • High-resolution 600 dpi printing
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Elimination of incorrect and non-coding on the product
  • Extremely durable and high-quality aluminium housing

About edding Tech Solutions GmbH:

edding founded Munich-based subsidiary, edding Tech Solutions, to accelerate research and development and distribution of future-oriented digital printing and marking technologies, and so conquer new markets. The edding in-line 12 and edding portable 12 are the first in what will be a long line of digital innovations edding Tech Solutions plan to bring to market.


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