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Corporate data

  • ISIN
  • WKN
  • Instrument type/class
    Preference share
  • Par value
    Accounting par value of € 5.00
  • Number of shares
    473,219 no-par value of preference shares
  • Share capital
    € 2,366,095.00
  • Symbol
  • Financial year

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Financial indicators

edding Group

Figures are in € ‘000, unless stated otherwise

Results of operations
Profit after tax1.8335.2875.9758.7647.642
as % of equity (return on equity after tax)2,7%8,1%9,2%13,7%13,1%
Profit before tax5.6569.33410.59513.25111.580
as % of sales revenue4,6%6,5%6,9%9,3%8,7%
Sales revenue148.604125.748141.793140.985139.248
Share of foreign business55,1%52,3%54,4%55,0%57,6%
Gross profit 3)86.81175.01785.75085.86583.250
as % of total output57,8%59,5%60,3%60,8%59,8%
Employee benefits expense44.78538.35440.80537.34837.348
as % of sales revenue30,1%30,5%28,8%26,7%26,8%
Employees (annual average)702679659638627
Net assets and financial position
Total assets134.882129.830118.516112.002104.848
as %of total assets51,2%50,3%54,8%57,0%55,6%
Liquidität zweiten Grades (Quick Ratio in %)134,0%174,2%150,9%175,8%170,9%
Results of employee survey4)
Employee commitment (in %)n.a.4)88878787
Quality of performance environment (in %)n.a.4)82828280

1) As a result of the correction of an error in the financial reporting under hyperinflation according to IAS 29 the 2018 financial year was adjusted retrospectively.
2) Since the 2018 financial year, the rules according to IFRS 15 “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” have been applied. The previous year was adjusted accordingly retrospectively.
3) Excluding other operating income
4) In 2021, the survey was suspended and for the actual Balanced Scorecard 2025+, after a moderate revision of the system, a so-called zero measurement will be made to set the targets for 2026.

edding AG

Figures are in € ‘000, unless stated otherwise

Profit after tax5.1664.2304.1166.6205.586
Profit before tax9.7497.7498.00910.0988.188
Number of shares
Ordinary shares600.000600.000600.000600.000600.000
Preference shares473.219473.219473.219473.219473.219
Earnings per share€ 4,81€ 3,94€ 3,84€ 6,17€ 5,20
Ordinary shares€ 1,80€ 1,80€ 1,20€ 2,40€ 2,10
Preference shares€ 1,84€ 1,84€ 1,23€ 2,45€ 2,15
Share price on 31 December€ 69,50€ 69,50€ 73,00€ 83,50€ 102,00