Botanical travel mug

Cheerful leaf patterns for your coffee cup

This coffee-to-go mug is perfect for all those who are often out and about. The delightful leaf design (not to mention the caffeine boost) will banish morning fatigue in a flash! edding gloss paint markers are the ideal choice for this design because their gleaming colours show up particularly well on dark, smooth surfaces. Pastel hues in soft shades are currently all the rage, and you can choose from pastel yellow, pastel rose, pastel blue and pastel green. And don’t worry, all the colours are smudge-proof and waterproof, so you can continue to enjoy your mug for a long time to come! We’re delighted to show you this idea from Lisa Tihanyi from Germany, who is known for her blog @meinfeenstaub.

Besondere Geschenke
Plastik und Folie
Easy peasy
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Schritt für Schritt

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  • Plastic insulated cup in a dark colour

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