Pom pom card

Handmade cards featuring pom pom animals

This cute frog card will appeal to all lovers of pom pom crafts. It can be used for a variety of occasions from a birthday to an invitation, or simply as a thoughtful greeting to someone special. The frog may not turn into a prince when you kiss it, but it does have a soft, cuddly tummy made of wool which gives the card its charm. Designing this card with the help of edding 1340 flexible brush pens is lots of fun because you can mix the colours for the frog any way you like to make him bright and colourful or give him a soft, pastel look. There are lots of other pom pom animals you can use, from a bear to a mouse. The Colour Happy Box contains everything you need for your card: edding 1340 brush pens in 20 vibrant colours, plus the practical Brushpen Colour Mixer which you can use to mix up to 190 shades.

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Fibre and felt pens
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
Bilder (ZIP)

Schritt für Schritt

Produkte und Materialien

Andere Materialien

  • White paper or ready-made folding card
  • Frog template from our website
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil
  • Pom pom in the colour of your choice
  • Glue

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