edding 8050 tyre marker - white
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Rubber-coated – edding tyre marker

The edding 8050 tyre marker was developed to make permanent markings on new or used tyres and other rubber surfaces. This tyre marker comes in handy when changing between winter and summer tyres, when storing large numbers of tyres, touching up whitewall tyres or when restoring writing on motorbike tyres. The edding 8050 tyre marker is both quick drying and waterproof with a lacquer finish. Before using the pen for the first time, shake it briefly, and pump the bullet nib several times on a piece of cardboard after removing the cap until ink flows into the nib– then the tyre marker is ready to go.

Product characteristics:

  • Low-odour, lacquer-like permanent ink
  • Available in one colour
  • Use: Shake the pen firmly with the cap on. Remove the cap and place the top of the pen onto a piece of cardboard. Carefully pump it up and down until ink flows into the nib
  • Stroke width: Approx. 2–4 mm
  • Nib: Bullet nib
  • Replacement nibs: No
Labelling car tires - edding 8050 tyre marker

Product video

This video gives you a quick overview how to use the edding 8050 tyre marker.

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