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edding permanent spray trend colours 2018

Create your own look

With edding permanent sprays:

  • covers immediately
  • extremely quick drying

So, what's your next idea?

Cool spray-paint hummingbirds

Let hummingbirds zip through the air and add a little playfulness to your home. With the edding permanent sprays, you become the designer and create easy-peasy patterns in beautiful, natural colours on your canvas.

Pot painting with edding products

Spray a flower pot with a wink

Now you can also enjoy your favourite emojis offline! Simply spray a flower pot with the edding permanent sprays and draw on the face of your chosen emoji using edding gloss paint markers.

Upcycled and spray-painted Jeans

Upcycling for your jeans

Old jeans are far too good to throw away, because you can use them for great upcycling ideas. With the edding permanent sprays it’s easy to get creative.

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Product features

  • Premium acrylic paint 
  • High coverage and extremely quick-drying 
  • Weatherproof and extremely lightfast
  • Available in 34 silk-matt and 3 glossy colours
  • Interchangeable sprayheads available

Smart tricks

  • Spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated room
  • Shake the can vigorously for about 3 minutes
  • Always carry out a test spray
  • Easy-peasy: use templates and stencils for your DIY

Spray-painting is a breeze with templates

Using templates makes spray-painting really easy. We offer a variety of stencils and templates for download, which you can enlarge, shrink and use as positive or negative stencils.

Get inspired – what’s your next idea?

Amber paw prints on a balcony table

Deceptively realistic: spray-painting a paw print motif

This fun idea isn’t just for animal lovers! With a paw print stencil and the edding permanent sprays, you can decorate your balcony table in no time.

DIY advent calendar with edding permanent sprays

Stylish: make your own Advent calendar from old newspapers

Just like little gnomes with pointed caps, these cones can be arranged to look incredibly decorative. With just some old newspapers and the edding permanent sprays, it’s easy to design your own, stylish Advent calendar.


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