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Creativeworld 2018: Beautiful brush lettering

Few creative trends are as versatile as hand lettering. Whether for cards, invitations, photo albums or canvases, hand lettering is a really easy way to add a personal, expressive touch to sentiments and individual words. What’s more, the art of drawing creative letters is lots of fun, allowing people to relax and switch off completely from everyday life.

Hand lettering requires pens with a soft and flexible brush tip, such as the edding 1340 brush pens included in the Colour Happy Edition. The exceptionally soft brush tip makes it possible to draw brush strokes in varying widths, giving the lettering a character of its own. Anyone can learn this technique simply by following a few tricks and tips, and there are no set rules as there are with calligraphy – anything goes! To draw a hand-lettered sentiment, different fonts and letterforms can be used together with embellishments such as banners and fancy flourishes to add impressive touches.

The new Colour Happy Edition from edding features two different creative boxes. The more compact Colour Happy Box contains 20 edding 1340 brush pens in vibrant shades along with the new, ingenious Brush Pen Colour Mixer which can be used to create up to 190 fantastic additional shades. This virtually endless range of colours can be used to conjure up really striking letter effects. 

The larger Colour Happy Big Box, meanwhile, opens up a whole new world for more adventurous hand-lettering enthusiasts, catering for their every need: along with an assortment of coordinated colours (including metallic shades) and a variety of nib types and stroke widths, it contains everything from brush pens, fibre pens, fineliners and gel rollers to the profipen for drawing precise contours. Also included in the Big Box is the new edding Pastel Pen – Soft White for adding subtle white highlights or creating effortless sweeping lines on dark paper in a slightly transparent shade of white. When combined with colourful fibre pens, such as the edding 1340 brush pen, it produces powdery pastel shades. 

Support at the point of sale

To present the Colour Happy Edition, there are two eye-catching display units available, designed to show ideas and examples of use and to promote impulse buying. There is also an attractive hanging sign as an additional means of attracting customers’ attention. edding’s popular leaflet “A Short Guide to Hand Lettering” is currently being revised. It offers a whole host of tricks and tips and will shortly be available both online and in print. 

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