Make your own candle holder with a golden glow

Advent decoration for a festive feeling

These delightful tea-light holders, which we have decorated with a touch of gold, will create a really special, cosy atmosphere during Advent and the Christmas season. Their golden sheen is enhanced by the reflected glow of the candlelight. The bowls are made with plaster of Paris bandages and their elegant finish is added with the help of edding Permanent Spray in the shade of Rich Gold, making them truly eye-catching little works of art. These golden candle bowls would also make a lovely gift for your friends and family.

Noel - Yılbaşı
Permanent spray
Diğer Malzemeler
Zorluk düzeyi
A bit more challenging
İmaj indir

Yapım aşamaları

Products and materials

Other materials

  • Balloons
  • Plaster of Paris bandages
  • Scissors
  • Protective covering for your work area
  • Tea-lights

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