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edding portable 12 compact printer

edding portable 12 compact printer

The smart solution for portable printing

Combining the immense functionality of the in-line 12 printer with a positioning laser and industrial battery, the portable 12 compact printer is the perfect solution for industrial marking away from the production line.

The 600 dpi high-resolution print engine enables you to to print barcodes, datamatrix codes, texts and logos. The cartridge system allows for a color change within seconds while the Metabo LIHD battery with 4 Ah allows you to use the printer non-stop for up to six hours.

Using the communication capabilities of the in-line 12, it is possible to collect the data for the prints from any existing datasource within the company or simply use a barcode scanner to generate your print texts.

edding portable 12 compact printer

Benefits of the edding portable 12

The edding portable 12 compact printer is a flexible, independent printer system for any workplace. Developed with German technology partner, Elried, it comes in an all-in-one stackable Tanos transport box. Start up is quick and easy with the animated user guides.

With the edding portable 12 you obtain maximum use time, as no technician or maintenance is required. No maintenance costs also mean you achieve true cost-per-print. Print information can be changed easily and quickly, via the integrated touchscreen, any web browser, mobile device or fully automated. Made in Germany, the printer comes in a high quality, durable aluminium casing, and with a 24-month warranty (excluding consumables).

The portable 12’s advanced connectivity options include Ethernet, SMTP and SNMP. It also boasts a broad range of digital and analogue in- and outputs, including a digital multi I/O.
The 4 Ah Metabo LIHD industry battery allows for 6 hours operating time and can be used with any other Metabo power tool. The printer can also be used with an 8 Ah high capacity battery to achieve 12 hours non-stop working.
An integrated positioning laser ensures accurate printing. The 600-dpi high resolution printing delivers crisp results; and edding’s wide selection of ink types makes it possible to print on almost any material. Finally, the minimum solvent requirement minimises the portable 12’s impact on the environment. 

Technical specification overview

  • Printing technology: TIJ (Thermal Inkjet)
  • Print height: Up to 12.7 mm
  • Print resolution: 600 dpi
  • Materials / surfaces: Broad ink portfolio for almost all materials and surfaces in multiple colors
  • Print options: Multiple linear and 2D bar codes available including DataMatrix, alphanumeric, logo, date / time, shift code, counter, lot-box code
  • Internal memory for >10.000 Texts and logos
  • Connectivity / data transfer options:
    •  Data interfaces: Ethernet with DHCP, Wi-Fi (to come), SNMP, SMTP for ordering automatically new cartridges
    • User interfaces: Touchscreen display, keyboard, barcode scanner, any other connected device like smartphone and tablet, USB
  • Display: Capacitive touchscreen with 4.3” color LCD with LED backlight
  • Positioning laser: Red laser line signaling print position
  • Battery:
    • Metabo LIHD premium industry battery (4000 mAh)
    • Charger AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 A, auto-switch
    • Works for 6 hours and only 35 minutes for recharging
    • Easy to change with other Metabo power tools
  • 6 LED indicators: Printing direction right and left, alarm, ink low, print, printer on
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 297 x 152 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 1100 g without cartridge

Portable 12: the right solution for industry requirements

The industry examples demonstrate why this industrial printer is the perfect choice for coding in any setting.

When you are printing high resolution codings in the warehouse, you need an industry printer independent from any workstation and you need to be able to change ink types and information quickly and easily. The easy to use and intuitive touchpoint display means you can switch from printing on one item to another in just a few, simple steps. The printing technology means the edding portable 12 also works perfectly on rough materials such as wood, stone or metal.

The edding portable 12 makes it possible to print in the most difficult environments. The dust and temperature changes out on a construction site or in a warehouse are no match for this revolutionary printer. The long-lasting Metabo industry battery also means the printer can work independently if a mains power source isn't available.

Rough, rusty, dusty or smooth metal - all kinds of surfaces can be printed on easily with the edding portable 12 printer. The positioning laser ensures accurate coding and the printing height can be easily adjusted via the touchscreen.

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