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edding in-line 12 compact printer

edding in-line 12 compact printer

The next generation solution for industrial marking

The edding in-line 12 compact printer is nothing less than a revolution in industrial coding. Developed with our technology partner Elried, it stands out due to its:

  • True ease of use, allowing any user to install and manage the printer without a technician or any training required
  • Unprecedented communication capabilities for an industrial printer
  • And finally, second-to-none reliability supported by a robust aluminum casing and Made in Germany production excellence

The edding in-line 12 compact printer brings you firmly into the Industry 4.0 era. It increases production efficiency, and thanks to edding's ink expertise, makes it possible to print on almost any surface you can think of.  

Benefits of the edding in-line 12

Developed with German technology partner, Elried, the edding in-line 12 comes in an all-in-one box, including all the tools and accessories required to start printing. Installation and start up only takes a few minutes thanks to its compact design and easy to follow user guides. As no technician is required, downtime is kept to a minimum and you achieve true cost-per-print without any maintenance costs. Print information can be changed easily and quickly, via the integrated touchscreen, any web browser, mobile device or fully automated.

Made in Germany, the printer comes in a high quality, durable aluminium casing, and with a 24-month warranty (excluding consumables). The in-line 12’s advanced connectivity options include Ethernet, SMTP and SNMP. It also boasts a broad range of digital and analogue in- and outputs, including a digital multi I/O.

The 600-dpi high resolution printing delivers crisp results; and edding’s wide selection of ink types makes it possible to print on almost any material. Finally, the minimum solvent requirement minimises the in-line 12’s impact on the environment. 

Technical specification overview

  • Printing technology: TIJ (Thermal Inkjet)
  • Print height: Up to 12.7 mm
  • Print speed and print resolution:
    • 300 dpi at max. speed of 76 meter (250 feet) / per minute
    • Highest resolution: 600 dpi at max. speed of 38 meter (125 feet) / per minute
    • Higher speed at lower resolution
  • Distance to print surfaces: Not greater than 8 mm (0.3“)
  • Materials / surfaces: Broad ink portfolio for almost all materials and surfaces in multiple colors
  • Print options: Multiple linear and 2D bar codes available including DataMatrix, alphanumeric, logo, date / time, shift code, counter, lot-box code
  • Internal memory for >10.000 Texts and logos
  • Connectivity / data transfer options:
    • Data interfaces: Ethernet with DHCP, Wi-Fi (to come), SNMP, SMTP for ordering automatically new cartridges
    • User interfaces: Touchscreen display, keyboard, barcode scanner, any other connected device like smartphone and tablet, USB
  • Display: Capacitive touchscreen with 4.3” color LCD with LED backlight
  • 6 LED indicators: Printing direction right and left, alarm, ink low, print, printer on
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 123.5 x 77.2 x 83.0 mm
  • Weight: 600 g without cartridge and bracket
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 A, auto-switching

In-line 12 the right solution for industry requirements

The industry examples below show you why this clever industrial printer is the perfect choice whatever your coding requirements.

In the food industry there is a diverse and wide range of products which need coding for a wide and diverse range of reasons. That variety also means a broad range of materials to be printed on: From yoghurt pots to cereal bars, cans and jars to eggshells to name just a few. The in-line 12 is ideally equipped for the challenge, as edding has an ink cartridge type for every material. In addition, the Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology is the perfect clean choice; fully compliant with food hygiene regulations. The high resolution printer can also produce complex 2D and 3D codes for use in short-term marketing camapaigns, for example.

High assembly line speeds in moisture environments are easily mastered by the edding in-line 12. edding's comprehensive ink range means it has the flexibility to print on everything from paper labels to dark or light glass and plastic bottles. As the printer can be easily connected with a variety of interfaces and systems, it also has the flexibility to integrate and change printed information such as the filler, capper or labeler.

The edding in-line 12 printer is the perfect choice for marking pharmaceutical packaging and blister packs; delivering high quality, high resolution prints of QR codes, EAN codes or security prints with a UV ink.

The high variety of ink types available means the edding in-line 12 is ideal for almost any material and surface which needs to be coded. It is also the perfect tool for boosting production efficiency. As ink cartridges can be changed in under a minute, production downtime is kept to a minimum. And high resolution prints are possible at a maximum speed of 76 meters (250 feet) / per minute.

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