Colouring pages

Free, printable colouring pages

Children love colouring pages, but many adults, too, have discovered colouring in and enjoy taking a little time out to switch off and unwind. Here, you’ll find printable colouring pages featuring all manner of different motifs. Whether you’re 3 or 93, there's something for everyone!


Free, printable templates

For all creative fans, we offer templates and stencils in different variations for your next project: from letter templates and detailed lettering to leaf tendrils, festive motifs and much, much more. Simply choose the size you need for your project, print the template and you're all set!

Craft ideas for kids

Craft ideas for kids

Discover the most exciting crafts ideas for kids

Kids love to paint and craft – and let their imaginations run wild. Here you’ll find a list of kid-friendly craft ideas for all occasions, from Mother’s Day to children’s birthdays. With the right edding products and our step-by-step tutorials, you’ll find completing the projects child’s play – making arts and crafts creative fun for all the family.

School and desk

School and desk

DIY ideas for school and studying

Check out our fun DIY ideas for school and your desk at home. You can copy them in next to no time using the simplest of materials: bookmarks made from paper clips, a notepad jazzed up with a cool design, and lots more. We’ve even got some lovely ideas for those just starting out in school. For example, in Germany it's traditional for children on their first day at school to be given a cone filled with small gifts and sweets to take to school. And, naturally, the best type of cone is one that’s been made by hand. Use our edding products to transform a school cone into a memorable gift.