Total relaxation – a colour sensation

Basketwork for your bathroom decor in sensuous colours

So where's your favourite retreat? Very likely it's the bathroom. So why not copy our bathroom basket idea and immerse yourself in a world of beautiful colour with edding Permanent Sprays. Make your own personal space for a colour sensation, and experience total relaxation with inspiring paint ideas from edding. Using wicker, wood or a host of natural materials, you can design a retreat in your favourite style. And then let your cares float away...

Ванная комната
Permanent spray
Natural materials
Степень сложности
Проще простого
Изображения (zip)

Пошаговая инструкция

Продукты и поверхности

Другие материалы

  • A wicker basket (or any type of basketwork)
  • Something to cover your working space

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