Natural beauty – harmonious autumn colours

Autumn touches using natural materials

Experience autumn in all its glory: bring this golden season into your home with a nature-inspired decor. edding has a host of great ideas and expressive colours to assist you – and it'll take no time at all to decorate leaves, berries, nuts, chestnuts, fir cones or garlands in radiant colour combinations to create a truly special autumn-themed atmosphere in your home and make your surroundings feel really warm and welcoming!

Permanent spray
Natural materials
Степень сложности
Проще простого
Изображения (zip)

Пошаговая инструкция

Продукты и поверхности

Другие материалы

  • Fir cones, leaves, chestnuts or other beautiful objects you can find from nature
  • Work surface covered with paper for protection

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