Glass vases in pastel colours

It’s time to bring in softer shades

“Pretty in pastel”: a  big theme not only in the world of fashion, but in interior design and home decor as well! These light and airy shades can be incorporated into many styles and combined in a variety of creative ways to add fresh, colourful effects – as you can can see from these spray painted glass vases.

The pastel coloured vases can be given extra flair by masking parts of the glass when spraying. The soft pastel edding Sprays come in a range of colours including powdery peach, blossom blue, light lavender and mellow mint.

Permanent spray
Glass and mirror
Степень сложности
Проще простого
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Другие материалы

  • Glass vases
  • Masking tape
  • A large protective cover for your work surface

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