edding 850 permanent marker - ideal for biggest marking jobs

edding 850 permanent marker - for highest visibility

How do you tackle big challenges, like labelling storage boxes or marking wooden beams for a garden shed? To help you clearly identifying those items from afar, the edding 850 permanent marker releases its long-lasting and wear-resistant ink through an extra broad chisel nib. And even better, its high quality aluminium barrel is as solid as its results.

It marks among others plastic, wood, metal, glass or cardboard. In addition the sturdy design makes the waterproof, quick-drying, low-odour and lightfast marker fit perfectly in your hand.

In fast-paced, constantly busy warehouse, office or logistics environments, it's important to work with reliable tools. One of them is the edding 850 - a robust permanent marker with the impressive chisel nib size of 5-15 mm. Because of that, its long-lasting and wear-resistant markings can be easily read in in every situation where high visibility is a must, such as in high rack warehouses or on pallets at fairgrounds. The ink permanently sticks on almost all materials. The high quality aluminium barrel provides a solid and comfortable grip.

The edding 850´s quick-drying, low-odour and lightfast ink finds its way on cardboard, metal, glass, plastic or wood and into many busy hands.

  • chisel nib 5-15 mm
  • multimaterial
  • quick dry
  • refillable
  • aluminium barrel
  • permanent
  • metal
  • plastic
  • carton paper
  • glass
  • dry wood
  • leather
  • heat-resistant ink 200 °C
  • Made in Germany


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