edding 404 permanent marker - for finest lines

edding 404 permanent marker - for finest lines

Occasionally there are situations, where a normal sized nib is simply too broad for labelling items. Imagine labelling a pen for a pencil case, a female screw or a tiny jar. Here, the extra thin stroke of the long-lasting and wear-resistant edding 404 permanent marker works wonders on almost all materials.

It comes in a variety of colours, which provides you with a big choice in labelling all sorts of plastic, wood, metal, glass or cardboard. The waterproof, quick-drying, low-odour and lightfast edding 404 permanent marker is the best choice when it comes to finest marks or labelling.

In situations like quality control or where i.e. extremely small production or office items need to be labelled, a normal sized or even finer nib is simply too broad. For those occasions, the edding 404 comes in very handy. Its extra fine nib releases long-lasting and wear-resistant ink onto various materials.

The permanent ink is quick-drying, low-odour, waterproof and lightfast. The edding 404 is the perfect solution for a variety of materials including smooth metal, plastic, glass or cardboard.

  • round nib 0,75 mm
  • multimaterial
  • quick dry
  • permanent
  • metal
  • plastic
  • carton paper
  • glass
  • dry wood
  • leather
  • heat-resistant ink
  • Made in Germany


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