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edding 400 permanent marker – fine marks in a broad colour range

edding 400 permanent marker – fine marks in a broad colour range

You’ve got to label smaller items such as scissors, glue or other accessories for school. Sound familiar? With the long-lasting, wear-resistant edding 400 permanent marker it’s so easy. The fine nib creates a thin stroke for precise application on almost all materials.

It comes in a broad range of colours, giving you with a large choice when it comes to labelling all kinds of plastic, wood, metal, glass or cardboard. The waterproof, quick-drying, low odour, lightfast edding 400 permanent marker is the perfect solution for reliable marking whenever space is limited.

We’ve all been there: you need to apply fine marking in Quality Control, on production components or office materials. With its long-lasting, quick-drying, wear-resistant ink, the edding 400’s fine nib with allows an even, gentle flow of ink as you write. It comes in a wide variety of intense colours and a practical clip that allows the marker to be clipped to clothing. What’s more, the nib can be replaced as required in order to prolong the life of the marker.

The waterproof, quick-drying, low-odour, lightfast edding 400 is the perfect solution for almost all materials including smooth metal, plastic, glass or cardboard. It comes in a broad range of colours.

  • round nib 1 mm
  • multimaterial
  • quick dry
  • refillable
  • permanent
  • metal
  • plastic
  • carton paper
  • glass
  • dry wood
  • leather


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