edding 390 permanent marker - the solution for large markings

edding 390 permanent marker for large marking

In hectic environments, removal firms for example, it is important to keep track of things - and what better way than to mark your boxes and crates in large letters for good visibility. With its broad chisel nib, the edding 390 permanent marker allows long-lasting, precise marking, for a smooth writing experience.

It marks an array of surfaces including plastic, wood, metal, glass and cardboard. In addition, the robust design means the waterproof, quick-drying, low-odour, lightfast marker will fit perfectly in your hand.

In many businesses, there's the need for very broad markings that are highly visible. The edding 390 is a practical permanent marker with a broad chisel nib (4-12 mm), making it the ideal tool for such jobs. Its long-lasting, wear-resistant ink can be applied to a host of different materials.

The edding 390´s quick-drying, low-odour and lightfast ink reliably marks almost all materials.

  • chisel nib 4-12 mm
  • multimaterial
  • quick dry
  • refillable
  • permanent
  • metal
  • plastic
  • carton paper
  • glass
  • dry wood
  • leather
  • Made in Germany


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