Make your own table decorations

Festive table centrepiece using glass vases

Decorations with contrasting designs are often very effective – like these beautifully-shaped glass vases which have been sprayed in a deep shade of red with edding Permanent Spray. Once the paint is dry, you can start decorating vases with the help of a gloss paint marker, adding delicate patterns to match the table decor. For any special family occasion such as a wedding, an important birthday or an anniversary, dainty flowers and stems painted onto red vases make an attractive table centrepiece. Our step by step instructions show you how it’s done.

Home decor
Paint markers
Permanent spray
Glass and mirror
Bułka z masłem
Obrazy (ZIP)

Krok po kroku

Produkty i materiały

Pozostałe materiały

  • Tall, slim glass vases
  • A protective cover for your work surface

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