DIY personalised tool box

It’s a man thing – colours to create a certain character

What do men look for? Top quality, easy handling and great painting results, quickly and with little effort (and a paint range that includes suitably manly colours, of course!). Whether your old tool box could do with a bit of livening up, your  favourite kit model needs a finishing touch, or the paint's coming off that bird table you built a while ago, with edding Permanent Sprays you have the perfect partner to help add character to your projects.

Specjalne prezenty
Permanent spray
Plastic and foil
Bułka z masłem
Obrazy (ZIP)

Krok po kroku

Produkty i materiały

Pozostałe materiały

  • Tool box (made of plastic)
  • Something to cover your work surface

Dodatkowe obrazy

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