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Colour Happy Edition – All for the creative escape

From mid-August, edding will be offering all creative types the chance to relax and express their dreams on paper with the new Colour Happy Edition: Two different boxes of pens designed for hand lettering, colouring and drawing in a virtually endless range of different colours.

Your mobile’s ringing, the kids are screaming and your boss has just sent you another quick email. Phew... some days seem to drag on forever! So when we finally get to relax on the sofa in the evening, it’s really important to make sure we allow ourselves some “me time”; a time to rest and recharge our batteries, a time for creativity - when we decide where our journey takes us. 

Colour Happy Boxes from edding now offer everything you need to escape into the wild, giving your imagination free rein in your own personal space. To free your mind from the everyday grind, simply grab a pen and get creative. With a virtually endless variety of possible colours, you decide the colours of the worlds you discover as you unwind.

Colour Happy Boxes – for a creative escape

Those simply seeking to escape their day-to-day routine every now and then by colouring should opt for the small Colour Happy Box. Twenty edding 1340 brushpens with a flexible nib in a choice of fabulous new shades are ready and waiting to help you unlock the hidden depths of your imagination. The Box also includes an innovative Brushpen Colour Mixer which you can use to create up to 190 fantastic additional colour shades.

The large Box, meanwhile, opens up whole new world. Along with an assortment of colours, nib types and stroke widths, it also includes metallic colours such as gold and silver. And as well as the innovative Brushpen Colour Mixer, the Box also contains the new Pastel Pen – Soft White, perfect for colouring and highlighting in white and for creating pastel shades. A grand total of 69 pens plus the new Brushpen Colour Mixer, each producing perfect results, adds to the uniqueness of this box. 

The Colour Happy Boxes from edding contain all the pens you need to help you unwind and relax through colouring and brush lettering. Don’t think for too long, simply pick up a pen and escape into your very own wild world of creativity and discovery. “Because I can.”

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