Sprayhead Set - variable spray rates, so at any rate you won’t have to worry

From a fine line right up to large areas: versatility is our strength! That’s why we offer an adapter set of interchangeable sprayheads. Fine, medium, wide or variable. Pick the appropriate one for your needs for a customised spray jet width.
The edding Permanent Spray Sprayhead Set... let your ideas run wild!

Product Features
  • Sprayhead set with 6 sprayheads
  • 2x sprayheads, white: spray width fine (approx. 1 cm)
    Ideal spraying distance 1-3 cm, for a clean, thin spray jet. Painting your computer case, for example, or your mobile phone becomes stress-free.
  • 2x sprayheads, black: spray width medium (approx. 4-5 cm)
    For a clean, medium-width spray jet. Paint your door frame, for example, or your CD rack. Handle corners and angles with ease
  • 1x sprayhead, gold: spray width wide (approx. 8-10 cm)
    Ideal spraying distance 15-25 cm, for large areas. Liven up your walls or garage doors with a new colour in just a few minutes.
  • 1x sprayhead, red (professional): spray width variable (approx. 13-14 cm)
    Ideal spraying distance 15 cm, for a wide and clean spray fan. Similar application method to a spray gun; the spray nozzle can be adjusted. Please modify your spraying action for the nozzle setting in question. Ideal for large areas.

  • Made in Germany

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