Keep distance, stay connected

Keep your distance and stay connected.

These are difficult times for us all. We’ve been told to keep 1.5 metres apart in order to observe social distancing. To stay at home in quarantine. Some countries have even been placed on lockdown. The world seems to extend no further than our own kitchen window. No visiting grandma. No walking to school with your friends. No chatting with your colleagues over coffee in the canteen. Keep your distance. You have to.

But let’s not forget to stay in contact with each other. To support each other, love each other and to keep on laughing with each other whenever we can. Use the power of words, symbols and colours. Let your neighbours know that you’re thinking about them. Support all the heroes who are ready to help others. It’s precisely in times of tight restrictions like these that we need to believe in the freedom of expression and in communication. Stay connected. You have to.

Want to join in? Download the template below and show your support with a window drawing! #keepdistancestayconnected

Drawing templates

Drawing templates

With these free window drawing templates and a range of sizes and categories, you can easily create a chalk drawing on your window in next to no time. To make it even simpler, most of the templates are also available as a mirrored version so that any words in your window drawing can be read from outside.

A tip for you

A tip for you

Choose M, L or XL depending on the size of your window or your preferences. Size M will fit on 1 sheet of A4 (or A3), L on 2 sheets of A4 and XL on 4 sheets of A4. If a template has words on it and you want people to be able to read them from outside, then choose the mirrored version. Otherwise, choose the normal version.

Get started!

  1. Select your favourite window drawing template;
  2. Download the template and print it out. If the template covers several pages, cut along the dotted lines and stick the parts together using adhesive tape;
  3. Stick the template to the other side of the window using adhesive tape or masking tape;
  4. Trace over the window drawing with a chalk marker on the inside of your window so that the drawing won’t get wet.

Have fun creating your drawings!

Window drawing templates Support, Play, Laugh

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