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Matching family T-shirts

Paint your own custom T-shirts

Dressing the same as mum (or dad!) is fun for kids, particularly younger ones. A blogger in Germany came up with this craft idea especially for us: matching family T-shirts - one for “Mummy Lion” and the other for “Little Lion”. In her video, she shows us how to decorate these adorable customised T-shirts using our textile markers and pens. edding textile products are ideal for all manner of light-coloured fabrics, including cotton, silk and linen. There are two stroke widths and a range of 20 colours to choose from, including neon shades for a particularly vibrant effect. What’s more, they’re really practical for beginners and advanced crafters alike, because each of the edding textile sets – blues/greens, reds or assorted base colours – gives you five perfectly colour-coordinated shades at your fingertips.

Knutselen met kinderen
Textielmarkers en -stiften
Afbeeldingen (ZIP)


Producten en materialen

Andere materialen

  • Two T-shirts
  • Pencil
  • Piece of cardboard
  • An iron


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