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Soft colours for strong statements

From now on, creative ideas on paper can even be expressed using pastel shades. That’s because, from June, edding 1200 colour pens will be promoting pastel power! Prolific writers and creative crafters who’ve relied on this fibre pen - complete with its distinctive slanted cap and black barrel – for exactly 50 years, can now also work in new soft pastel shades.

Pretty, delicate shades convey a sense of lightness and well-being. Already highly popular in the worlds of fashion and interiors, feel-good pastels are now a must in the creative sector, too. Lovers of hand lettering and creative crafting can let their inner creativity run free on light-coloured paper by packing a powerful punch with pastels.

Endless possibilities

edding fibre pens are incredibly easy to use: simply remove the cap and get started. The new pastel shades provide endless creative scope for sketching, writing, drawing and lettering – whether it be decorating a bullet journal, an invitation card or a spiral-bound notebook. Making a statement doesn’t have to mean harsh colours: gentle shades can also make quite an impact. They’re equally good for writing shopping lists, notes, timetables and even pastel love letters – the list is practically endless.

Get creative with different pen sets and colour choices

There are six expressive pastel pens on offer with a stroke width of approx. 1 mm, available singly or as a set. Even the names evoke the pleasure of pastels: honeydew melon, berry lavender, apple sorbet, cherry blossom, sweet mint and silver grey. And right on time for the back-to-school season, pupils, students and other regular writers can also enjoy the handy cotton canvas case that comes with the set of 14 fibre pens, four of which are new pastel shades. There are 24 additional colours to choose from, offered in a variety of set sizes and attractive metal boxes.

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