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Did you know? 52 facts about edding

To mark its 60th birthday, edding has developed an extensive global brand campaign entitled “52 facts about edding”.

Each Friday this year, the company will be sharing a new, fascinating, amusing or surprising fact about itself using the Instagram accounts at each of its individual locations. For example, edding markers aren’t just used for making notes, they also write history: at the time of German reunification, the signatures of Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Helmut Kohl and others were captured for eternity on the Berlin Wall. Fans will also be able to discover the origins of the edding name, the significance of the numbers on edding pens and why some pens make a clicking noise. It’s definitely worth following edding on Instagram and discovering all sorts of interesting facts: edding_uk

The objective of the campaign is to promote edding’s brand recognition within and beyond Germany and to demonstrate the enduring versatility of this family business founded in 1960.

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Christiane Gieschen

Product Communications

edding International GmbH
Bookkoppel 7
D-22926 Ahrensburg

+49 (0)4102 808-0

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