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Crisis-proof company culture: employee satisfaction at edding is high even in times of COVID-19

Non-financial performance indicator in 2020 is above expectations

The results of the annual employee survey are among the most important non-financial control parameters at edding. Here we measure the agreement score ​​of the employees in the dimensions of employee engagement and quality of the performance environment.

In the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had expected a decline in results due to the extremely difficult framework conditions and the outlook of low bonus payments.

In fact, the approval rating for employee engagement has risen from 87% to 88%, which is the second highest value measured so far. The quality of the service environment was rated slightly better than in the previous year with 82% - albeit only behind the decimal point.

The management board of edding AG sees this as proof of the excellent, crisis-proof culture of edding and explicitly thanks all employees who stand closely together in these difficult times and lead our company through this challenging environment with the greatest motivation.

That these are excellent results is also confirmed by Dr. Matthias Zimmermann from LOGIT Effectory GmbH, Munich, who conducts this survey with us every year: “edding does not have to shy away from external comparisons. The common determination to pull together ensures top scores in the international benchmark comparison with our 1,200 customers even in the year of the Corona crisis. In the area of ​​commitment and solidarity in particular, edding is among the top 10% of our customers. " as Dr. Zimmermann said.

About edding AG: The company was founded in 1960. In 2019 consolidated sales of € 141.8 million were generated with an average of 659 employees. The edding Group stands for two brands: The edding brand develops and sells products that bring color to surfaces for a long time, from permanent markers to spray, compact printers and digital codes. Traditional and electronic products for visual communication are marketed under the Legamaster brand.

Explanation of the alternative performance figures:

The mentioned key figures reflect the average approval ratings of our employees for the approximately 60 questions of the annual employee survey in the following two dimensions of the so-called "strategic fitness model":

Employee commitment: The dimension of sustainable employee commitment consists of four components: loyalty to the company, willingness to give your best, work satisfaction and enjoyment and mental health (performance requirements, workload).

Quality of performance environment: The dimension of quality of performance environment takes into consideration that employee commitment can only be fully developed in an organisation where employees’ motivation and activities are geared to the corporate strategy, and where they can do their work effectively and efficiently. The quality of the performance environment therefore includes questions that we can use to assess whether the strategic direction is clear and whether the existing systems and processes enable us to proceed in the predetermined direction.

Ahrensburg, November 25th 2021
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