Write on T-shirts

Make a fashion statement

A plain old T-shirt makes a superb blank canvas for craft enthusiasts to express themselves in a variety of ways. With edding textile markers, creating a designer T-shirt with a statement or slogan of your choice is as easy as ABC – all you have to do is come up with a cool design! We recommend that you make a template of your design which you can then slide inside the T-shirt. This will make the motif or statement easy to transfer onto the T-shirt. Even if you’ve never done T-shirt writing before, you’ll find that designing with edding textile markers and pens takes no time at all. There are two stroke widths and a range of 20 colours to choose from, including neon shades for a particularly vibrant effect. When you’ve finished decorating, iron the T-shirt on the no-steam setting and your design will then be able to withstand wash cycles of up to 60°C.

Textile markers and pens
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Plain T-shirt
  • Template (optional)
  • Piece of cardboard to use as a protective backing
  • An iron

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