Spray paint your concrete vase

Creative designs on concrete using permanent spray

Concrete is an incredibly versatile material and is really easy to work with. Concrete for crafting is available in larger DIY stores and can be cast into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Take a look at this vase, for instance, which we think makes a fabulous home accessory. You can give it an individual look with edding permanent spray – and turn it into a real eye-catcher in no time at all. In total, there are 37 colours to choose from, including the latest trendy shades. We chose neo mint and pastel rose for ours, two colours which go brilliantly together. Our video tutorial and step-by-step instructions give you an easy guide to spray painting concrete – so even beginners can get awesome results really quickly! In our video, we also show you a range of other surfaces that are ideal for decorating with spray paint.

Home decor
Paint markers
Permanent spray
Concrete and stone
A bit more challenging
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Concrete vase
  • Large covering sheet to protect your work area
  • Masking film with adhesive edge strip
  • Gloves, breathing mask (optional)
  • Screwdriver (for removing the safety ring)
  • Scissors


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