Spray paint furniture and give it a brand new look

Smarten a plain old outdoor table and make it the highlight of your patio

Well I never – who’s this going pitter-patter across the tabletop? The secret here is a paw print decoration that you can easily apply yourself – a cute idea that will appeal to more than just animal lovers! To jazz up an old piece of furniture such as a patio table, all you need is a stencil and some edding permanent spray for a complete makeover. Colours inspired by nature are currently very trendy, and edding has the perfect shade in its permanent spray range – vibrant amber, a rich, warm yellow tone. You can team this with mild mint, a delicate green, for an easy-to-apply, fresh new look and to create a lovely highlight for your balcony or terrace.

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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Table surface, e.g. made of wood
  • Plastic stencil sheet (available from art-and-craft stores)
  • Cutter or sharp scissors, permanent marker
  • Masking tape and masking film for covering the surfaces
  • Protective cover for spraying, gloves

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