Small glass bowls in trendy retro colours

These retro-style glass bowls have many uses

There are many ways to decorate glass bowls, and thousands of uses for them – whether for sorting beads and sewing threads or for holding jewellery, sweets or business cards. You can use the trendy new colours in the edding Permanent Spray range to spray paint on glass and create an inspired retro look at the touch of a button. Shades like Opulent Turquoise, Classy Mauve and Elegant Midnight make fantastic colour combinations and go well with many contemporary styles. You can use edding gloss paint markers to add special touches in white or metallic colours before spray painting.

Living room
Special gifts
Paint markers
Permanent spray
Glass and mirror
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Shallow, clear glass bowls (also known as watch glasses) in a variety of sizes
  • Large protective cover to place over your work area

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