Relax with colouring for adults

Join the colouring craze and let your imagination run wild

Take some time out and unwind from everyday life with fibre pens and a beautiful picture to colour in. We’ve designed some amazing illustrations to help you relax and be creative. It couldn’t be easier –simply print out the templates and colour them in! You don’t need any special artistic skills; just immerse yourself in the picture and lose yourself in the world of colour. The Colour Happy Big Box opens up to give you a seemingly endless selection of colours.  Inside every Colour Happy Box is a Pastel Pen – Soft White that lets you create magical pastel shades: vibrant red, for instance, can be transformed into powdery pink in the blink of an eye. And to make it even lighter, just keep on applying the Pastel Pen! Colouring for relaxation is said to reduce stress and slow down the pace of life. So why not give it a go right away?

Colouring and Zendoodle
Fibre and felt pens
Paper, carton and cardboard
Easy peasy
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