Original packaging for giving a wedding donation

“Just married!”: Original packaging for donating wedding gift money – with design and decorating tips from edding

As the bride and groom speed off to enjoy their honeymoon, the custom of attaching empty cans to the back of the wedding car is a fun and widespread tradition. And it's this tradition that inspired us to design original packaging for a money gift for a wedding. This is all made possible thanks to the vibrant colours of edding Permanent Spray, while the finishing touches are provided by edding gloss paint markers. With the help of these great edding products, our original wedding gift is a fun alternative to a traditional present and is easy to create.

Special gifts
Gift packing
Paint markers
A bit more challenging
Images (ZIP)


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Toy car
  • 3-4 small tin cans (to hold the gifts/donations)  
  • Packing tape, box cutter (or similar tool for cutting metal), ribbons

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