Memo chalkboard display

Never forget a date again!

Make working from home a little more fun with a snazzy chalkboard for your office wall. Customised in bright colours, it makes a great memo board or calendar. A chalkboard you can write on with special chalk markers is also a great choice for a decorative family organiser in a hallway or kitchen. It’s easy to see why: if you change your plans, or if an event or appointment has to be postponed, you can simply wipe off the details with a damp cloth and update them. What’s more, with the ultra fine-tipped edding 4085 chalk markers by Securit, even the tiniest of entries will still be legible. Filled with liquid chalk, these markers have been specially formulated for use on all non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors and chalkboards. With a choice of 20 gleaming colours – including pastel, neon and metallic shades – designing and writing is a pleasure, and you can transform even the plainest chalkboard into a visual attraction.

Home decor
School and desk
Chalk markers
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • 3 or 4 square chalkboards (e.g. by Securit, includes mounting kit)
  • A piece of scrap paper for activating the marker
  • A damp cloth for wiping off mistakes, if needed
  • Ruler

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