Hearts made of porcelain

Stylish place cards for a festively laid table

These porcelain hearts will add a touch of sophistication to your festive party table. Whether for a wedding, christening or other important family occasion, place cards made of porcelain are guaranteed to lend that certain something. Write the names of your guests on the hearts using the expressive colours in the edding porcelain brushpen range. An effective way to create a stylish feature is to make the first letter larger so that it stands out. To complete the decorative look, add small finishing touches such as flowers or dots.

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Porcelain and ceramic
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Hearts made of light-coloured porcelain 
  • Methylated spirits for cleaning the porcelain surface
  • A damp cloth or cotton bud to wipe off any mistakes
  • Coloured ribbon (optional)
  • Letter templates (optional)
  • A domestic oven

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