Galactically painted headphones

Colourful headphones that are truly out of this world

With the gloss paint markers from edding, your creative passion will know no bounds. You can apply your ideas to almost any material: in next to no time, for example, you can give a whole new look to a mobile phone cover, a notebook, a takeaway coffee cup, greetings cards and much more besides. You can even personalise your headphones – with the added advantage that they won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. Outer-space motifs are incredibly popular right now, so how about painted headphones with galactic motifs in glossy pastels? Our step-by-step instructions show you how to achieve brilliant results. And in the “Templates” section of our website, we’ve got lots of cool outer space motifs available for you to download.

Special gifts
Paint markers
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
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  • Headphones in a dark material

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