DIY serving tray

Design your own tray with a pastel look

Create a sense of well-being in your home in next to no time by introducing soft pastel colours. Add attractive touches to your home and capture the feeling of spring with the aid of just a few homemade accessories – a hand-painted serving tray, for example. Karin Luttenberg, a blogger from the Netherlands (@paper_fuel), developed this idea and designed this tray with large lettering using edding gloss paint markers in pastel shades. The shimmering hues show up beautifully on almost all smooth materials, whether light or dark. We’ve got detailed tricks and tips to help you create your own personalised template, giving you everything you need to copy this creative idea.

Special gifts
Paint markers
Plastic and foil
A bit more challenging
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • A plastic or metal serving tray
  • A sheet of good quality paper for the template
  • 1 soft pencil, 1 hard pencil (or a ball-point pen)
  • Scissors

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