DIY bathroom storage jars

A snazzy decorative jar for storing cotton wool pads

Lovely bathroom accessories like these can put a smile on your face and work wonders by starting off your day with a positive feeling. We decorated this cute-looking jar for storing cotton wool balls and other small items by adding a simple “sleeping eyes” motif. You can use the beautiful colours in the edding range of gloss paint markers to draw or write your custom design. The ink in these markers is opaque and produces a vibrant, glossy finish. You also have different stroke widths and up to 18 colours to choose from, including a wide selection of metallic shades. Use edding gloss paint markers to help you transform a decorative glass jar into an eye-catching bathroom accessory in a blink of an eye. Our step-by-step instructions show you how.

Special gifts
Paint markers
Glass and mirror
Easy peasy
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Other materials

  • Jam jar or other type of jar with a screw lid

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